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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Make Yours A Millionaire Mindset

When you have been in business for any length of time - doesn't really matter what kind of business really, as I think that the principle applies in every area of life - there is one very strange phenomenon that you cannot fail to notice.

Haven't you ever found yourself wondering why some people seem to have success with every single thing they do, whilst other people, in exactly the same situation and with exactly the same tools at their disposal, fail in the most abject manner?

Do these successful individuals have some magical powers, or are they just incredibly lucky?

Surely, no such powers exist, and nobody gets that lucky time after time after time, do they?

Well, one of the oldest sayings in the world runs something to the effect that you make your own luck. As the great Gary Player put it, when he was told that he was a "lucky" golfer (and I may be paraphrasing slightly here) "The harder I work (or maybe it was "practice") the luckier I get".

So, what is the secret? Quite simply, it's all in your mind - inside that grey lump that separates your ears!

Ever heard of a thing called "the Millionaire Mindset"? According to the best selling motivational author, T.Harv Eker, it is exactly this mindset that gives these extremely successful individuals what seems to be an "unfair advantage."

Harv is the author of many best-selling books, and an acclaimed business trainer, as well as the creator of several highly-regarded courses such as The "Millionaire Mind Intensive", "Wizard Training" and "Train the Trainer".

This guy is one of the most highly regarded trainers, simply because he not only talks the talk, he most definitely walks the walk as well. How else can you describe someone who went from zero to millionaire in only 2-1/2 years using the "Speed Wealth" principles that he teaches.

He shows you how to instantly rid yourself of limiting beliefs that have stopped you from accumulating wealth in the past.

The crux of Harv's teachings is that your subconscious mind may actually be holding you back from the success you want in business. In other words, the key to being a resounding success rather than a dreadful failure is inside you. All you've got to do is to find and then use that key.

What Harv contends is that the subconscious is much more powerful than your conscious mind, and I guess anyone who has, or example, ever been amused at the antics of people during a stage hypnotists show can buy into this theory.

It's your own beliefs, ideas and misconceptions - perhaps even those formed during you childhood - that can hold you back. If you believe that money is hard to get, for example, then it sure as heck will be, simply because you don't believe you will succeed right from the start. You are beaten even before you walk out onto the playing field. Even though you go through the motions to win or to achieve your objectives, you never really expect to get there, and consequently, you'll always fall short on something that is critical to the success of your venture.

You mind is automatically stopping you just like a water thermostat turns off the burner at a certain point.

Now, Harv was not always such a resounding success story.

Listen here to the story of his early struggles. Harv's parents were penniless immigrants from Europe, and he himself spent many, many years contending with "failure".

During those years of struggle, however, he never once deviated from his ambition to be a millionaire. In fact, it was what he learned during those years that allowed Harv to formulate his four step plan that you can adopt today to change your life, to gain that all important "millionaire mindset".

You've got to:

1) Stop blaming. Take absolute responsibility for every single controllable result in your life. If it's not controllable, then it's outside your hands, but, be brutally honest with yourself - was it really outside your control, or are you kidding yourself? If you can control whatever it is, then you can also change it and get a different result, a much better result, next time.

2) Stop complaining. When you complain you are focusing all of your attention on the problem, on the negative, rather than on the way to solve the problem. The Universal Law of Attraction suggests that what you focus on expands, so focusing on the problem clearly isn't going to help you. Focusing on the solution just might!

3) Use what Harv calls "the power of intention". Set yourself a target (you DO have a target, don't you? If not, how can you expect to hit the bullseye?) Take that target and double, triple it, or even quadruple it. If you want to make an extra $5000 per month, aim for $20000. It's an immutable truth that whoever it is out there in the great beyond that controls your destiny will only ever gives you what you ask for, and aiming much, much higher should rekindle your enthusiasm and make it that much easier to accomplish.

4) Bless that which you want. Don't envy or feel jealous of those who already have what you desire. If your neighbor gets a fancy new car, say "Good for him!", and double your efforts to achieve the same, rather than wallowing in self destructive pity or envy. If someone you know gets a promotion, congratulate him, and, again, multiply your efforts to achieve the same levels of success.

The sooner you can put these "Millionaire Mindset" principles into action, applying them to the decisions you make and your response to the situations you encounter each and every day, the quicker you too will be on the road to experiencing dramatic success and you should see your income start to explode very soon afterwards.

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