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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Daily Grace

The coolness of the morning air mingled delightfully with the smell of pine trees and salty ocean air. Another day of wonder and expectation in Cambria, California is here and my first thought is negative. I bet you were expecting the word positive. I wish but I normally wake up, even in Cambria, the most beautiful place in the USA, with a negative frame of mind. Why negative, I do not know. After all God has done. To me it is a puzzle, when my brain moves from sleep into the reality I struggle with negative thoughts.

My mornings are always the same. Rolling from side to side in our new California king size bed, I finally decided to get up and get the day started. After my morning trip to the bathroom, my mind begins to focus and I immediately feel a desperate need to re-establish my contact with my heavenly Father. If I allow my mind to focus on the failures of the past or other negative thoughts I will certainly have a miserable day. I need a daily walk with God.

The next thing I do is head for the kitchen and the coffee. I guess caffeine addiction is something I will just have to live with. Death before decaf my wife always says. Anyway, I get my first cup of coffee and begin the reprogramming process. The daily journey in the Grace of God once more time. The bible tells us His mercy and grace is new every morning and believe me I need him each morning and through out the day.

Once I get my coffee, I head towards my chair, my comfortable recliner, my comfortable recliner that I love. Truthfully, I am so thankful to have a chair to call mine. After losing everything in Katrina and to the tree, it is so good to have a recliner. Ok, back to the moment. I start out by opening the bible. I read the psalms and find a few promises. After focusing my mind on God and His promises, life on planet earth seems a little better. I ask God to bless my family and others. I ask God for His blessings and favor for this day.

After my prayers and reading, suddenly, I start to move out of the negative and into a positive faith in God. Boy, it is sure nice to trust God on a daily basis. During this morning meditation I try to stay out of the future and the past. Sometimes it doesn't work but I try to focus only on the moment. I remind myself that I only have this moment in time.

After turning my attention to the spiritual, life is tolerable again. Normally I proclaim this is going to be the greatest day of my life. I will not be defeated today. Most days, I will shout it out for my wife to hear, "this is going to be the greatest day of our life." This practice of a daily meditation started in my life several years ago. Don't get me wrong, I have my bad days, when life goes nuts but for the most part, life is great. However, I have to stay in the moment. If get into the past I get a little crazy. If I get into the future, I get carried away with worry. However, when I stay in the moment I normally have a great day.

In addition to making positive declaration about my day, I try to count my blessings. God has blessed my wife and I so richly. Everything we lost has been restored. Our home in California is rebuilt. We live in the most beautiful town in the USA. Cambria, California has perfect weather, well expect the day the tree hit the house, but for the most part the weather is ideal. We have deer, turkey, and other wild animals around the house. In fact, there are few mountain lions roaming around the town. They have not hurt anyone and I hope they don't but we really do have mountain lions in the area. I have started singing in church again. I didn't think I would ever sing in church again but today I sing. I have a song in my heart. God has blessed us with a special church and a special pastor that has restored my faith in the church. Each day I attempt to remind myself of the blessing.

Let me tell you what, If I don't go through this process on a daily basis or I miss a few day and the results are not good. I get as ornery as an old mother mule. If I don't live life on a moment by moment basis and stay faithful to my morning meditations life gets extremely difficult. Don't get me wrong I do make plans but I try to leave the out come to God. The bible tells us that man plans his path but God orders his steps.

Today, life is good and I want to keep it that way. I want to continue to declare every day; I will not be defeated anymore.

Dr Bob Wilkerson is founder of Challenger Christian Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping others recover from life altering circumstances. Dr. Bob is a motivational speaker with true life story of God's power to change any individuals life. If your Church or organization is looking for a dynamic speaker please email him today.


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