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Friday, September 21, 2007

5 No-Fail Strategies To Stop Nail Biting

How common is nail biting? Estimates vary of course- 28 to 33 per cent of children between the ages of seven and 10; 44 per cent of adolescents; 19 to 29 per cent of young adults and five per cent of older adults are nail biters. This article will give some basic information on this habit and suggest five strategies to stop.

Nail biting is a way to relieve tension and stress and is similar to nose-picking and hair twisting as a'nervous habit'. Nail biting is not just limited to biting nails but also to biting the cuticles and the surrounding tissues around the nails. This habit is exacerbated by physical inactivity. According to Freudian theory, nail biting is a symptom of oral fixation. The clinical name for nail biting is chronic onychophagia. Like other nervous habits, it is sometimes a symptom of an emotional problem. Basically, nail biting is a rational substitution of one problem for another. In many instances it is used as a tension reliever.

Five Strategies To Stop Nail Biting

1. Buy some 'Thum' and paint your nails with it. It has a bitter taste, so much so that it will send a very clear message to your brain that it is time to stop biting your nails. A sort of negative physical response – nobody likes a bad taste.

2. Buy a stress ball- that is a great way to take your attention off your massacred nails! Sometimes, drawing, scribbling or just playing with something in your hands can be a great help.

3. Look after your nails – start now ! I know they are in a bit of a mess. You can trim them , file them and even use nail polish. From now on, you are going to show them off- not hide them!

4. Wear gloves whenever you can – easier in winter obviously. Any physical barrier helps you to stop.

5. If your child suffers from this habit you will need to explain that it may be due to stress or other problems. The child may have problems at school. Once the child knows the reason, this will help him to stop.

We have looked at some strategies to stop nail biting. You may want to consider self- hypnosis treatment which is outlined in the site below.

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