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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Secret of My Success

Long time ago, there was a 1987 film starred by Michael J Fox. It was called "The secret of my success." A lot of people might have not seen this film. That is OK. The major point I am raising here is the title of the film. Also there are some interesting plots in the theme of the movie. Before we go to that, let's see the synopsis of the movie.

"Well educated, Kansas born and raised, Brantley Foster sets out to make his fortune in New York. Unfortunately, when he arrives, the job he is promised fails to materialise, so he reluctantly looks up a distant relative, Howard Prescot, who runs a multimillion dollar corporation. Starting at the bottom, doesn't appeal to Brantley so he pretends to be an executive, whilst keeping this a secret from "uncle" Howard and Brantley's dream girl Christy Synopsis written by Rob Hartill ("

I watched this movie twenty years ago only once. Until nowadays, I still remember some of the plots of the movie. I think I will never forget the title of the movie in my entire life. The funny thing is I was not interested much on the definition of success and how to get it in those day. Almost two decades later, I started to be obsessed on success and its process. I now can relate the movie with my real life. Especially I am now discovering the same thing as shown in the title of the film.

Is there a real secret of success? You know that there is. If you are still reading this article, I bet you are looking for ways to be more successful in life. We all know that success is not an accident. Also success can not be inherited although money can be inherited. The members of a rich family may enjoy more chances of success. They however have to learn from others, family or non family members, before they can get closer to their own success. This is the way life has been designed.

The secret to my success is simple. I think that every body needs to know what to focus on. We need to know what contributes more to achieving our goals. We need to sacrifice activities that have little or no influence onto our goals achievement. To have the right focus will win you half of the success already. When you focus on something, you will not think about other thing until you get what you want. You will find a way. You will review your method and change it if necessary.

When you have the right focus, you also need to concentrate on what you want. Visualization can come into the way to help attracting what you want according to the law of attraction. The process is simple. You visualize what you want as if it is happening in front of you. You make visualization regularly and often. Your visualization will communicate with your subconscious mind and attract all circumstances and attributes favorable to your goals achievement. You may want to add background audio into your visualization to help accelerate your attraction. Attraction Accelerator can be one of your choices.

When you have a right focus on what you want. And you have concentrate on how to make your goals happen. You will not be far away from making your dream materialize like in the movie. Although, the film was made in a comedy mode, there are some impressive lines in the movie that worth remembering. If you have a chance, you may want to watch it in one of your free evening to entertain your brain.

Everybody wants to know the secret of a celebrity's success. They know that there must be some secret and there are curious about it. Little do they know that they can find the secret of success within themselves. If they search well enough, they will find it.

There is some secret in every success story. This article talks about the secret of success that can be practiced and can make success yours.

Jim Somchai
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