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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Let The Leader In You Shine

Not everyone is a natural born leader. Occasionally you may find yourself at a loss when delegated with a task to oversee a certain group of individuals. You begin to panic. Your serene comfort zone has just been crossed over by a superior persona whom you regard with deep seated ambivalence.

There really is no reason for you to fuss and fret. Leadership is as much a skill as a talent so there is a great hope for those who know a zilch about managing people. Therefore, if it is a skill, anyone can learn the basics of leadership through constant practice.

Here are some basic values that you need to assimilate in your life to make you become better at handling issues at the pinnacle of a group:

1. Service-oriented. To become an effective leader you need to understand that you are giving much of yourself to the group. An excellent leader knows that a lot of sacrifices have to be made for the sake of the group's success. You are at the front of the pack not because you are important or famous, but because the entire group needs your service. Without your efforts, less goals and objectives will be achieved.

2. Management. You are placed in a position where decisions have to be made. It is understood that for the group to attain its goals, all members need to contribute yet unity and coordination among the members still rely much on your skills as a good manager. You need to learn how to delegate tasks, how to modify behavioral errors, how to reach out to everyone for inputs, and several other skills inherent in a good manager.

3. Resolute. You have to demonstrate a certain degree of determination. You have to be steadfast in your decisions and extremely confident about the choices you make. You are the strength of the whole team; therefore, you must maintain a firm and unflinching character, always eager to take the team to the next level. You should make yourself accessible to each member but you have to delineate a line between respect and insolence. Make each member know that you are the leader and that they are in excellent hands.

4. Impartiality. As a leader you must promote an equal opportunity zone for everyone. Never give special treatment to anyone. If an individual has brought fame and triumph to the group, give him due felicitation and use that as a means to encourage idle members. Be fair and reasonable.

These are just some of the many values that you need to incorporate within your character to improve your chances of becoming a very effective leader.

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