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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Strength of Love

I am known as 'The Four Fingered Pianists'.
I was born in Seoul, Korea, on July 9th, 1985.
I was born with only two fingers on each hand and no legs under my kneecaps.

I began playing the piano when I was 7 years old. One reason why I began to
practice the piano, at the beginning, was not necessarily to become a
pianist, but rather to strengthen my hands, which at that time could not
even hold a pencil.

However, as time went by, the piano became source of inspiration and my best
friend. The piano has provided me with many benefits - consolation, courage,
gratitude, and compassion are just a few. It has also given me the added
opportunity to meet many worldwide friends.

My goal in life is to share my experiences with others, especially with
those who may be undergoing a difficult struggle in their life. I hope to
return what I've received from God to you.

I love you all,
Lee Hee-ah

When Hee-ah was unborn child, her mother Woo Kap Sun said that she took many
pills so that Hee Ah was born with lobster claw syndrome (2 fingers in each
hand) and mental defect.  The family of Woo suggested to
send her to the orphanage but Woo said, Hee-ah was the Gift of God.

Woo used the little piano in their house to practice Hee-Ah's hand. It's not
easy to teach her to playing the piano in which we must counting the notes.
Beside that, her mother must take care her father, a Korean veteran that a
part of his body was paralyzed (hurt while in duty).

Then the knee of Hee Ah must be operated because she often walk with her
knees. When she was in the hospital, her father's condition was getting
worse and Woo was getting breast cancer (probably because she was quite

One day Hee-ah said that she didn't want to play the piano again. However,
the doctor said, the only best way for Hee Ah was she must continued to
play. Finally, Woo retaught her the piano again from the beginning.

Woo said, "If you want to quit, nobody will appreciate you... Surely, God
always help you and never leave you. You could be not like others but if you
are less, God will give you more."

Then every day, Hee Ah practiced 5-10 hours during 5 years. Hee-ah said,
"Imagine if you eat the same food every day. How bored isn't it? I had ever
bored to play the piano. But I have to eat and eat it. I have to practice
again and again. I practiced every day until tired and cry. How difficult to
play with four finger. It's really hard for me to play the legato notes."

When her career was just raise up then her father passed away.

Today, Hee-ah eats, walks and uses the adjusted piano pedals on her own. Her
mother has also been healed from breast cancer. Woo is so happy and proud.
All her love, sacrifice, tears, hard work are not useless.

The Power of God's love has changed from disabled to enabled, from the weak
to strength.

Hee Ah has received the award of Overcoming Physical Difficulty from Korea
president, Kim Dae Jong. She is the best student of Korean Education
Department in Seoul. She ever performed with Richard Clayderman (in USA) and
Thames Philharmonic Orchestra (in England).

~Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly. ~Sam Keen


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